Grammar in a Nutshell workshop

Date: Saturday 27 November 2021.
Time: 9:30 am to 4:30 pm (AEST).
Where: Online via Zoom. The Zoom link will be sent after you register.
Register: To attend, please register at the Trybooking site.
Did you learn the basics of English grammar at school? Maybe you have forgotten some of them? Or does English grammar get mixed up with other grammar? Can you explain to clients why you recommend edits to grammar in their text? Or do some grammar rules seem confusing?

This full day will cover many of the problem areas of English grammar: parts of speech (nouns, verbs, prepositions etc), sentence structure (subject-verb agreement, active and passive voice, parallel structure in lists, punctuation etc), paragraphs (logical structure for meaning), whole documents and an introduction to plain English and inclusive grammar. If you are thinking about taking the IPEd Accreditation Exam in 2022, we will cover a lot of the basic grammar that will be tested in the Language part of the exam.

The workshop will be presented by Zoom by Elizabeth Manning Murphy DE and Edwin (Ted) Briggs AE. Ted will also be there for technical assistance. We are accustomed to running full-day programs online, and we can promise you that there will be lots of variety of presentation, plenty of breaks for exercise and relaxation, and you won’t be ‘staring at a computer screen’ all day!

In one day, we can’t cover the whole of English grammar, but we can alert you to the terminology that will help you get your own writing right, and help you explain your editing corrections – all backed up with reference to some useful reading. It will be a busy day, with activities all the way and discussions in pairs and in the full group. Post-workshop opportunities include optional extra activities for individual feedback and a free email consultation on anything about grammar, writing clearly or helping others to write clearly.

Elizabeth Manning Murphy DE is a trained linguist, editor and trainer. She is the author of Working Words (revised edn) (Lacuna Publishing, 2019) and Effective writing: plain English at work (2nd edn) (Lacuna Publishing, 2014). She has presented this workshop over a number of years in various formats all over Australia in person, in UK and South Africa online and in person, and now exclusively online, as a result of Covid restrictions.

Ted Briggs AE is an experienced technical writer and editor with a substantial background in English grammar, joint national coordinator with Elizabeth of the IPEd mentoring program for editors, member of the Accreditation Board, and an IT specialist. He has managed mentoring and grammar workshops since they migrated from in-person to online, and will be acting in that capacity for this workshop, as well as contributing to the presentation.

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