Commissioning checklist

Download here: Commissioning checklist (281 kB)

The commissioning checklist includes the main factors that should be considered before commissioning an editor to work on a document.  It also lists the main features of the three levels of edit:

  • Substantive edit, which ensures that the structure, content, language and style of the document are appropriate to its intended function and readership.
  • Copy edit, which is a more superficial check of language and style, to confirm that the meaning is clear, that it is acceptably expressed, and that the content is consistent (both textually and visually).
  • Verification edit, which involves checking that all elements of the document are included and in the proper order, all amendments have been inserted, the house or other set style has been followed, any spelling or punctuation errors have been deleted, the format and layout are consistent, and the document is ready to be printed.
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