Academic editing


9.30am – 4pm
University House, Australian National University

About the course


Academic editing provides employment for freelance editors as well as those who work in universities. In recent years there have been heated debates about the business model and potential conflicts of interest of giant scholarly publishers, notably Elsevier.

As with all corners of the publishing world, open-source software and social media have transformed the landscape. This workshop looks at what’s going on and what the future might hold for academic publishing and editing.

We will also analyse common weaknesses in academic texts. Too often, universities take some of the finest minds of their generation and teach them to write in a dry, inaccessible and formulaic manner. What can editors do about it? Taking a hands-on, practical approach, we highlight the main problems and discover how to improve scholarly manuscripts, whether they be conference papers, journal articles, theses or books.

The workshop covers:

The ethics and the business of academic editing

Editing inside and outside knowledge silos

Reversioning thesis to book, and the chapter to article or paper

Editing and technical skills for notes, citations and referencing.

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