Accreditation exam workshop series


Presenter: Cathy Nicoll AE, Elizabeth Manning Murphy DE, Dr Malini Devedas AE.

16 and 17 March (workshops), 27 March (panel discussion)
Griffith Community Centre (workshops)
Cost: To be advised

About the course

The IPEd exam will be on Saturday 19 May 2018. It’s time to start preparing if there is even a slight chance you will sit. It’s a tough exam, so we have packaged two workshops for you and a panel discussion at the general meeting in March (presenters in brackets).

  • Copyediting for accreditation on Friday 16 March (Cathy Nicoll AE)
  • Grammar in a nutshell on Saturday 17 March (Elizabeth Manning Murphy DE)
  • Exam preparation panel presentation on Wednesday evening, 28 March (led by Dr Malini Devadas AE).

All three have been run before, in one form or another, but never as a series.

The cost will be $300 for the copyediting and grammar workshops combined, or $200 to attend just one. The exam preparation panel presentation will be free because it will be the subject of the general meeting in March.


Cathy Nicoll AE  will take you through the basics of copyediting, including the levels of editing, an introduction to the art of completing a style sheet, and how to track changes, suggest changes and provide useful comments to authors. There’s bound to be some solid discussion of many aspects of editing that crop up as questions from editors and prospective editors.

Register for the Copyediting workshop now


This is Elizabeth Manning Murphy’s Grammar in a Nutshell, with a focus on exam preparation in the afternoon. This full day will take you through many of the problem areas of English grammar that you may not have learnt at school or may have forgotten: parts of speech, sentence structure, paragraphs, whole documents and an introduction to plain English and explaining edits to your clients. 

Register for the Grammar workshop now

The exam preparation panel discussion

Dr Malini Devadas AE will lead a panel discussion in March’s general meeting and take you through your final steps towards exam readiness. The panel will cover the IPEd exam strategy, what to expect on the day, assessors’ insights, and an overview of some helpful study resources.

You do not need to register for this event. Everyone is welcome to attend the March general meeting free of charge.

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