Directory of freelance editors

Editor: Shae Lalor

The Write Path

‘Bachelor of Arts (Tourism), Certificate in Professional Editing and Proofreading


  • Editing—Copy editing, structural editing, rewriting and proofreading
  • Other services—Professional writing for business, web and social media, document formatting, project management
  • Subject fields—Business, government, health/medical, hospitality/tourism, aged care, housing
  • Media—Websites, social media, booklets, brochures, reports, fact sheets, case studies, articles, advertising, newsletters, submissions, letters, kits and contracts

Specific projects

Many Australian Government and ACT Government documents, national association materials, website editing and rewriting, various marketing campaign elements. A background in social policy, tourism, and vocational rehabilitation communication and marketing. Regular editing support to PR and marketing agencies.

I am a stickler for correct grammar, spelling and punctuation – though not at the expense of the creativity or flow of the writing. I trust my gut and intuition and this really helps me to understand client requirements quickly and instinctively, and to step into the reader’s shoes.

With a career spanning more than 13 years in marketing and communications, I have a broad skill base to supplement my love for the written word. Experience has taught me that working collaboratively and with common sense always gets the best outcome.