Your committee for 2012-13


Connie Stamos was elected at the annual general meeting this week as the new president for the Canberra Society of Editors. The full committee is listed below.

President: Connie Stamos
Vice-president: Alan Cummine
Treasurer: Mike Wilkins
Secretary: Martin Holmes
Membership: Margaret Millard
Professional development coordinator: Malini Devadas
Newsletter editor: Gabby Lhuede
Newsletter assistant editor: Kerie Newell
Meetings coordinator: Ara Nalbandian
Catering coordinator: Vacant
Public officer: Ara Nalbandian
Web manager: Cathy Nicoll
IPEd councillor: Alan Cummine
IPEd accreditation board delegate: Ted Briggs
Committee member: Mike Wilkins
Committee member: Tristan Viscarra Rossel
Committee member: Karen Sutcliffe

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