The VOTE: the results (almost)


The result of the VOTE at the October general meeting has been declared and all CSE members should know what it is. If you haven’t yet heard, check your email and then contact one of your committee via the contact us form.

Here’s a quick summary of the night’s proceedings. You’ll notice the results of the vote are not here. IPEd has asked that we not publicise it so we don’t influence the votes of other societies.

After the formality of moving then seconding IPEd’s proposal, two members kindly volunteered to speak for and against it. Most of the points had been raised in the information available with the notice for the meeting.

For: While there are concerns about the current model, we now have the opportunity to become part of a national organisation. A NO vote could see the societies drift apart and lose the years of cooperative effort.  While it is a leap of faith, the speaker claimed that it was always envisaged that we would move to a national body.

Against: This is not a vote on whether there should be a national body. It is a vote about the current proposal, which does not provide adequate safeguards in accountability (for example, the proposal doesn’t allow members to sack their committee). While CSE is being asked to hand over money, members and control, there is little coming back under the current proposal. When IPEd was formed they said they would not interfere with societies. IPEd needs to come back with processes that are respectful and provide strong administrative services.

All members were then invited to make their comments or ask questions. There were four formal comments (all against), and some discussion around each.

The vote was then held. The results have been sent to members.

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