Software aids to editing & Word 2007/10 clinic


Meetings Room, University House, ANU
Cost: $65 (Members); $113 (Non-members)

About the course

We Word-besotted editors think we have progressed from our predecessors’ blue pencil and editing marks in the margins–but have we made the transition to editing software tools? We should, before the clients do!

In this year’s first seminar, Hilary Cadman will demonstrate and discuss the software tools she has written about during 2010 in The Canberra editor; software for management of references, style guides, speech recognition, and even for editing itself.

Hilary will also lead a Word 2007/2010 problem-solving workshop in which participants may submit their worst Word 2007/10 problems for diagnosis and remedy by their colleagues.

Hilary Cadman BSc PhD started her working life as a scientist and academic, before retraining as a science communicator and editor. Hilary is the owner of Cadman Editing Services.

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The course is now closed

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