Spelling it out! How words work and how to teach them

Our next meeting will feature Misty Adoniou, author of Spelling It Out: How Words Work and How to Teach Them.

Date: Wednesday 29 September 2021.
Venue: Online via Zoom. Details below.
Time: 6:30 to 7:30.

After writing an article titled ‘Why some kids can’t spell and why spelling tests won’t help’ for an online news site, I was inundated with emails from parents, teachers and grandparents concerned about their own spelling skills, or those of the children in their lives.

Spelling matters, it seems. Even in an age of spell check and auto correct – spelling matters.

It matters because spelling errors are so visible and open to the judgement of others. It matters because fear of making spelling errors deters many from writing. It matters because there is a strong connection between good spelling and reading comprehension.

In this presentation we dispel the perception that English spelling is chaotic and random, and uncover the systems behind English spelling. We will look closely at the linguistics of words, and understand the ways in which etymology (word origins), morphology (meaning components), phonology (sounds) and orthography (spelling conventions) provide strong, multiple pathways into learning how to spell words.

Dr Misty Adoniou is an Associate Professor in Language, Literacy and Teaching English as a Second Language. She holds an adjunct position at the University of Canberra and is a Principal Fellow with the University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education.

Attending by Zoom

A link for the Zoom meeting will be supplied to all members by email. If you are not a member and wish to attend by Zoom, please contact the Secretary from the Contact us page (select Secretary in the drop-down) and ask for a link.

Please do not pass on your link to other people.

The webinar will not be recorded.

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