Baby boomers and new millennials: Authors and editors straddling the digital divide


5:45pm, Wednesday 25 October 2017
Meeting room, 4th floor, National Library of Australia, Parkes Place
Light refreshments before and after; all welcome

Note: We are not meeting in the Ferguson room this month. Take the lift to the 4th floor to find us and enjoy the usual refreshments and, of course, Bobby Graham’s presentation

Bobby Graham explores the working relationship between baby boomers and new millennials in a digital publishing context. What can older editors and born digitals learn from each other? What are the differences, similarities, clashes, cultural differences and benefits of collaborating across the generational divide?

Bobby’s talk will outline what she has learned as a digital publishing professional alongside developers, designers, social media specialists and business leaders, crossing and building bridges across digital generations.  There is much to be gained for older people by working with younger professionals: new technologies, new skills and new ways of looking at issues. Younger professionals can gain from these working relationships as well. We can all benefit from the new digital environment.

This is the paper Bobby presented at the recent IPEd conference in Brisbane.

Bobby Graham specialises in digital publishing, digital strategy and culture; new online products such as ebooks (ePUB and MOBI); and print and web publishing. She is currently the Business Development Manager for MasterDocs – an agile authoring tool  – in a digital engagement agency where the average age of the staff is 25. During her career, Bobby has worked for high-profile federal government and cultural institutions, including ANU, the Department of Parliamentary Services and the National Library of Australia.

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