NSW workshop: The business of being a freelance editor


Friday, 19 October 2018 9:30am to 4:30pm
Level 7, UTS Building 10, 235 Jones Street, Ultimo
Cost: $230 members and affiliated organisations; $150 distance members (more than 200 km from Sydney); $390 non-members

About the course

This is an invitation to the next Editors NSW workshop, The business of being a freelance editor to be held Friday, 19 October. CSE members should select the the ‘associated organisation’ rate when paying.

Being a successful freelance editor is about more than being a good editor. Learn how to set up your own
successful small business that works for you and is sustainable. This workshop is for editors thinking about starting their own business or freelance editors in the early stages of being in business, but there are also tips for more established editors.

Sessions include:

  • Knowing the numbers: understanding income, hourly rates, expenses, tax, and paid and unpaid time
  • Getting clients: knowing your strengths and extending them, identifying ideal clients and work, and planning and undertaking marketing
  • Reducing risk: identifying and managing business risks through quoting practices, insurance and more
  • Sharing tips and resources for small business practice and business development
  • Identifying post-workshop actions to start and develop your business.

Dr Rhonda Daniels AE has been self-employed in her freelance editing business Right with Rhonda
since 2013. Learn from Rhonda’s experience of the highs and lows of starting and building a successful home-based editing business. As well as presenting this workshop in 2017, Rhonda has also presented workshops for Editors NSW on quoting practices and business websites, and she spoke at the national editors conference 2017 on thesis editing. Rhonda has also presented lectures and training at the University of Sydney Business School on business topics and academic writing.

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