Members vote to go national


The members of the Canberra Society of Editors and the six state societies, which together comprise the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd), have voted for a restructure of the national organisation that will give a united voice to editors across the country.

Under the new structure, members of the societies, around 1,700 nationally, will become members of the national organisation, with the societies becoming branches. The branches will continue to operate at a local level, offering professional development and networking opportunities.

In the vote conducted in November 2013, overall 61.2% of respondents opted for a direct membership model, after distribution of preferences, with 34.2% voting for an increased funding model that would have kept the current structure. The corresponding figures for Canberra were 62.5% and 44.4%.

Over the coming months IPEd will develop detailed plans and policies, including constitutional changes, timing and budgets, to implement the direct membership structure. A new working party has been formed and five teams are being set up to develop key aspects of this process: Legal and governance, Membership, Professional development, Finance and operations, and Communication. These teams, which will enlist society members experienced in the particular areas, will also work closely with society committees throughout the process.

A full report on the vote and its ramifications is in the members-only area of the IPEd website, under About IPEd, IPEd Review.

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