Members vote: membership fees to increase


At our packed general meeting on Wednesday 30 April, an overwhelming majority of our voting members elected to raise the Society’s membership fees for the 2014– membership year and beyond. The vote was carried by 46 for and 1 against.

More than 50 members and guests were present to consider the previously circulated resolution, and also to hear a most interesting and different talk from linguist Dr Debbie Hill, and to say farewell to The Fireplace Room.

For your benefit, here again is the motion that was carried almost unanimously.

This meeting agrees that, to accommodate the $45 increase in the IPEd levy to fund transition to a new national representative structure for the editing profession, the Canberra Society of Editors will increase its annual membership subscriptions for 2014-15. As determined by the Society’s Committee, the new rates in each category will be as follows, and will apply to all new and renewing members immediately:

  • Professional: $135
  • Associate: $105
  • Student: $45
  • Corporate Associate: $270.



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