Agile authoring and collaboration in the cloud


Wednesday 25 March 2015
Venue: Ferguson Room, National Library of Australia, Parkes Place, Canberra
6.00pm to 8.00pm, with the usual drinks and nibbles before and after

Living in a world of hyper-connectivity, instant-everything and accelerating demands from content consumers for digital delivery, the process of authoring and editing is increasingly happening online.

We’ll fly over the digital landscape from document creation to publishing, exploring the relationship between digital publishing and document collaboration in the cloud. This will include a practical discussion of some of the tools and technologies that are enabling this change – in particular, effectively managing large groups of contributors while maintaining an agile authoring workflow.

Alexi Paschalidis is a co-founder of MasterDocs, an online document collaboration tool. His background is in helping government, cultural and research organisations improve online collaboration, content management and digital publishing workflows. He also runs a digital consultancy and has worked with Australian and international government organisations such as the National Library of Australia, University of Canberra, National Museum of Australia, Department of Defence and the US Department of State.

Anyone interested in editing is most welcome to attend – there is no need to register. Join us at our next general meeting to catch up with other Canberra editors over a drink and a snack, and hear all about ‘Agile authoring and collaboration in the cloud’.  

If you have any questions about the general meeting, please contact our meetings coordinator.

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