My year of MasterDocs


5:45pm, Wednesday 29 June 2016
Ferguson Room, upstairs at the National Library of Australia, Parkes Place
Light refreshments before and after

Have you ever wanted to reuse content from one to another publication, publish faster, work anywhere, publish to multiple platforms? Has version control ever been more of a challenge than it should have been?

Bobby Graham will introduce Canberra’s editors to MasterDocs—an agile authoring tool that can do all that and more.

She will provide a brief overview of MasterDocs with examples that show us how to:

  • create content: type in your own text  with formats and inserts
  • structure the sections and headings and shift these around with ease
  • work collaboratively: assign content to other team members
  • edit and comment as much as necessary
  • revise the history: changes and corrections are all captured forever
  • follow your own workflow
  • manage your progress: allocate time (and funds) to help you manage the whole publishing process
  • export your publication to Word and HTML and more.

But there’s always a catch. Change is challenging, particularly for those at the editorial coal face. Bobby will talk about a coping strategy: how to develop a change management and communication plan, and how to provide training and support.

Bobby Graham is an experienced Canberra digital publisher and principal of Bobby Graham Publishers. Her business passion is digital publications, marketing and communication. She thrives on user experience, digital trends and technologies.

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