An editor in a digital world


What does it mean to be an editor in a digital world when ‘to edit’ a document means simply to change the text and upload it to the internet. What is the editor’s role in producing digital content for websites, mobiles and tablets?

Our guest speaker, Bobby Graham, argues that editors are content strategists, upholders of values, structure, planning and publishing. But it hasn’t been an easy road to travel the digital highway. Pitfalls and obstacles have littered the path – and still continue to confound purists and proofreaders.

This talk is about opportunities and novel ways of editing, taking advantage of clever tools, working with designers, developers and other digital participants to produce content that is readable, findable and accessible online.

Bobby Graham is a digital publisher, committed to good communication and excited by social media. Bobby holds a Masters in eBusiness and a Bachelor of Arts in English and History.

In Canberra, Bobby has worked at ANU where she was one of the founder members of the ANU E Press. Moving to the National Library of Australia, Bobby was appointed Web Content Manager before taking up the role of Director, Web Publishing. In 2013, Bobby transferred to Parliament House as Director Publishing in the Parliamentary Library. She left the Public Service in 2013 to start Bobby Graham Publishers, a digital publishing consultancy.

In a former life, Bobby worked as Production Director for Struik Publishers and Maskew Miller Longman in South Africa. She started her publishing career as a Production Assistant at Tafelberg Publishers.

As well as being a businesswoman, Bobby is wife to Thomas, mother to Louis and leader of the pack to Bibi, her fox terrier.

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