Accessibility for editors


5:45pm, Wednesday 26 July 2017
Ferguson Room, upstairs at the National Library of Australia, Parkes Place
Light refreshments before and after; all welcome

Can you be an editor and not know something about web accessibility these days?

Probably not. It’s a requirement of all government web services. So we eventually will find ourselves needing to know about WCAG2.0 and our role in implementing it for the content we are working on.

Cathy Nicoll will lead us through the basic concepts underpinning web accessibility, the things we need to look for as editors, and how it all relates to the Australian Standards for Editing Practice.

Bring your ideas and experience. The web development sector isn’t accustomed to working with editors, so we’d love to hear your experiences inĀ  the web publication cycle.

Cathy Nicoll AE is an editor, writer and trainer who has been working on government websites since the mid-1990s. In that time, web accessibility has gone from something she told clients they needed to consider, to being a requirement of almost every piece of content she works on.

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