IPEd’s transition plan papers


IPEd’s proposal for its future is now available, along with its argument in favour of a ‘yes’ vote,  at: http://iped-editors.org/About_IPEd/IPEd_Review/IPEd_White_Papers.aspx (scroll down to the end of the page for the papers supporting the proposal).

With names like By-laws, and Constitution, and Accounting and banking principles (and more!), these papers are indeed enticing. Even so, they are a must-read for all: the IPEd proposal directly affects every member of every society of editors in Australia. What will happen to societies’ assets, can you vote down a rogue committee, can we still meet on a timetable that suits Canberra editors, will you have to pay to attend general meetings like this?

We’ll be devoting significant time to a discussion on these issues in the September meeting. The vote itself will happen in October, so make your vote an informed vote, and do your reading, bring your ideas along to the September meeting, and be prepared for a robust discussion.

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