IPEd needs your help


Working Party 4 (WP4) of the IPEd Council is charged with managing and implementing the transition to the Direct Membership Model of a new national structure favoured by a majority of the members who participated in the November 2013 vote. Elizabeth Manning Murphy DE is CSE’s WP4 representative.

The working party has established, and appointed leaders to, five project teams – 1. Legal & governance; 2. Finance & operations; 3. Membership; 4. Communication; 5. Professional development – and is now seeking members from all the societies of editors to join these teams.

The document, Project for transition of IPEd member societies to the Direct Membership Model, provides detailed information about the objectives and deliverables of the project teams. It is important for all societies to have members on these teams. If you are willing and able to contribute to this crucial work over the next several months, please contact Elizabeth Murphy <emmurphy[AT]ozemail.com.au>.

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