Grammar in a nutshell


9 am – 1 pm
University House, ANU
Cost: $100 (members); $200 (non-members)

About the course

Did you miss out on learning the whys and wherefores of English grammar at school? Or have you forgotten? Or is English not your native language? Do you find it difficult to explain to clients why you recommend grammatical alterations to their text? Or does your own writing need the same edits time and again because they are not explained to you? This full morning will alert you to some of the more common grammatical problems we meet in our text editing, it will explain the grammar behind the conventions that make text acceptable, and it will provide an opportunity to practise editing and explaining your edits and getting feedback from the presenter, Elizabeth Manning Murphy DE.

Elizabeth (current CSE President) is a trained linguist, editor, trainer and author of Working Words (published by the Canberra Society of Editors, 2011) which will be on sale at the workshop.
(Not required reading, but recommended for your bookshelf).

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