Editor: Virginia Wilton AE

Wilton Hanford Hanover

Email: virginia@whh.com.au
Website: http://whh.com.au/
Accredited Editor 2008

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Full range of editorial services
Planning whole-of-portfolio publishing and information programs; research and writing of policy development documents; design and layout; print procurementand management; WCAG 2.0 compliant electronic publishing; photo editing and intellectual property acquisition

Subject matter experience

Government and public administration, climate change, economics, energy, health, education, defence

Genre and platform

Reports, books, handbooks, websites

Specific projects

Virginia has compiled a unique body of work at the policy intersection of economics, the environment and international relations. In 2007 she managed publication of the report of Prime Minister’s Task Group on Emissions Trading. In 2008 she was lead editor and project manager for the draft and final reports of the Garnaut Climate Change Review. Since then, she has worked on Australia’s communications to the United Nations about climate change, the 2010 report by the Prime Minister’s Task Group on Energy Efficiency and the 2011 update of the Garnaut Climate Change Review.

Major recent projects include the Australia in the Asian Century White Paper (2012), the Energy White Paper (2012), the Convergence Review (2012), the Book Industry Strategy Group’sFinal Report to Government (2011), the 2011 Review of Funding for Schooling (also known as the Gonski Report) and the report of the expert panel on recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Constitution.

Virginia has managed more than 3,000 government publishing projects since 1995. She is a past president of the Canberra Society of Editors and was the inaugural chair of the council of the national Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd).


BA (ANU); Dip Ed (UPNG); MA, MPhil (Columbia, NY)