Editor: Michele Parsons

Wordflow Communications

Email: wordflow@westnet.com.au
Website: http://wordflow.com.au/

Experienced Commonwealth government communicator (more than 20 years’ experience). Former metropolitan and regional journalist. Specialises in plain English editing and writing.


Plain English editing, substantive and copy editing, web content editing
Plain English writing, proofreading

Subject matter experience

Environment, sustainability, water, heritage, the arts, criminology, agriculture

Genre and platform

Government and academic reports, discussion papers, journals, annual reports, brochures, articles, case studies, newsletters, factsheets, profiles, grant submissions, web content, media releases

Specific projects

Annual reports (Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, Commonwealth Department of Agriculture), reports (Australian Institute of Criminology, National Water Commission, Department of the Environment)

Recent projects

  • Historical review of sexual offence and child sexual abuse legislation in Australia: 1788–2013 (Australian Institute of Criminology 2014)
  • Interventions for reducing alcohol supply, alcohol demand and alcohol-related harm (National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund 2015)
  • Australian Consumer Fraud Taskforce survey report (2015)


BA (English Literature and Cinema)
Graded journalist