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IPEd Accredited, BELS certified academic, nonfiction & fiction editing by a university-recommended editor, former academic, postgraduate researcher & academic book reviewer. Professional support for publishers & authors, researchers & students with books, chapters, theses, articles, proposals & more. Working successfully with clients from over 60 publishers & universities worldwide.


academic editing, copy editing, substantive/structural editing, proofreading
plain English and accessibility specialist, ESL editing, technical writing, grant + tender writing, web content management (Wordpress), indexing, transcription, corporate training

Subject matter experience

public policy and administration, international relations and diplomacy, defence and national security, science and technology, social sciences, history and humanities, business and marketing, general

Genre and platform

print, web and ebooks, academic theses and monographs, journal articles, conference proceedings, research and technical reports, annual reports, government reviews and submissions, policy documents and circulars, manuals and fact sheets, style guides

Specific projects



Convict Valley: A History of the Hunter Valley (Allen & Unwin, forthcoming 2020)

Oxford Handbook of International Cultural Heritage (Oxford University Press, forthcoming)

Food and Nutrition: Sustainable Food and Health Systems, Fourth edition (Allen & Unwin, 2019, ISBN: 9781760296100)

Disability, Criminal Justice and Law: Reconsidering Court Diversion (Routledge, forthcoming)

Fragility, Resilience and the State in sub-Saharan Africa (Oxford University Press, forthcoming)

Nutrition for Sport, Exercise and Performance (Allen & Unwin, 2019)

Rethinking Reflection and Ethics for Teachers (Springer, 2019)

Law in Australian Society An Introduction to Principles and Process (Allen & Unwin 2019)

The Art of Teaching Science for Middle and Secondary School, Third Edition (Allen & Unwin, 2019)

Country Frameworks for Development Displacement and Resettlement (Routledge, 2019)

Everyday Community Practice: Principles and Practice (Allen & Unwin 2019)


Professional skepticism through audit praxis: An Aristotelian perspective (Journal of Accounting Literature, forthcoming)

Questioning segregation of people living with dementia in Australia: An international human rights approach to care homes (Laws, submitted for peer review)

Approaching student engagement: Navigating theories and critiques of student-centred learning (submitted to Teaching in Higher Education)

A number theoretic approach to credit creation in banking (submitted to Finance Research Letters)

Exploring the influence of culture on childrearing practices among sub-Saharan African migrants in Australia:  A systematic review (Journal of of Child and Family Studies, forthcoming)

Impacts of social integration and loneliness status during resettlement on general and mental health among humanitarian migrants in Australia over time: Evidence from a longitudinal study (British Medical Journal, forthcoming)

The use of coercive public health and human biosecurity powers in Australia: An empirical analysis (submitted to Journal of Law And Medicine)

Multiple case explorations of Australian banking organisations creating social and economic value: Application of shared value framework (submitted to Journal Of Business Ethics)

Museums for an ageing world: The implications of population ageing for the cultural heritage sector (submitted to The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum)

Public preferences regarding medical registration revalidation models: Evidence from a discrete choice experiment (Medical Journal of Australia; forthcoming)

Research Reports

Australian Indigenous Psychology Education Project (AlPEP): Final Report (Department of Education & Training/University of Western Australia)

Accelerating Indigenous Higher Education: Final Paper (National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Higher Education Consortium (NATSIHEC) Aboriginal Corporation)

LASER-Resilience Report: Patterns & Predictors of Wellbeing 2019 (Phoenix Australia Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health, University of Melbourne)

Visualising Vulnerabilities: Patient Safety and Homelessness (Literature Review, Centre for Health Services Management, UTS)

Navigating Resettlement: Matched mentoring and creative media design with refugee and migrant youth in transition, Greater Western Sydney (Centre for Educational Research, Western Sydney University/SYDwest Multicutlural Services)

Geographic targeting and beneficiary selection criteria in Mozambique: Current targeting practices, challenges, and future considerations (World Vision International)

Child Grant Program and the health and nutritional well-being of under-five children in the Karnali Zone of Nepal: Assessing the impact of integrated social protection services and trend analysis in five districts (School of Social Sciences and Psychology, UNSW)

New Anthropology for Higher education (Background research report, Department of Education)

Innovative Approaches for Enhancing the 21st Century Student Experience (Final Research Report, Department of Education)


Theses and dissertations

Tracking cerebral amyloid accumulation in ageing, mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s disease, and other dementias (D Med Sci thesis, Faculty of Medicine, Melbourne University)

A study into the factors that influence early access to defibrillation following out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Tasmania (PhD thesis, School of Public Health and Community Medicine, University of New South Wales)

Reconciling conservation and development for coastal livelihoods: Understanding foundations for small-scale fisheries co-management in Savu Raijua District, eastern Indonesia (PhD thesis, Research Institute for the Environment & Living, Charles Darwin University)

Classification as a technique of jurisdiction: Categories of tree protection in New South Wales’ legal history (PhD thesis, Faculty of Law, UTS)

The effect of parenteral nutrition on microbial growth and its influence on catheter-related infection in patients with a central venous access device (School of Nursing & Midwidery, Griffith University)

The geography of Alzheimer’s disease in New South Wales: Using spatial science to investigate social and systemic effects (PhD thesis, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW)

‘Woman’ in early imperial China: Sociopolitical forces and gender norms surrounding elite women in the Han Dynasty (PhD thesis, Department of Ancient History, Macquarie University)

The connection between metacognition and academic writing in a praxis inquiry model of teacher education (PhD thesis, College of Education, Victoria University)

College level business courses in the UAE: Learning environment, teacher interpersonal behaviour and student adaptive learning engagement (PhD thesis, School of Education, Curtin University)

Collaboration or Cooperation: Interactions and collaboration in interdisciplinary teams (PhD thesis, Cente for the Study of Higher Education, Melbourne University)

Teachers’ perceived understanding of formative assessment and how it impacts their classroom practice: A case-study investigation (D Ed thesis, Griffith University)

Access for Deaf people: Perceptions of the NDIS client experience (M Res thesis, Department of Educational Studies, Macquarie University)

Public relations and social capital in Indonesia’s bureaucratic reform policy 2015–2019 (M Comm thesis, Faculty of Arts and Education, Deakin University)

Sustainability assessments: Investigating how foreign multinationals integrate development issues into their business activities (PhD thesis, Faculty of Business & Law, Swinburne University)

Accountability deficits and overloads: A missing framework (PhD thesis, Faculty of Law, Australian National University)



Accredited Editor (IPEd), Life Sciences Editor (BELS), BA Hon (LaTrobe), MA by thesis (Monash), Cert III Public Administration (APSC)