Editor: Justine McNamara AE

Next Version Editing

Email: justine@nextversionediting.com.au
Website: http://www.nextversionediting.com.au/
Accredited Editor 2018

Clear communication, efficient service, authentic advice


Substantive editing, copy editing, proofreading, manuscript assessment
Plain English rewriting

Subject matter experience

Social sciences, humanities, public policy, economics, education, non-fiction

Genre and platform

Journal articles, research reports, theses, books, corporate publications, presentations, résumés, newsletters

Specific projects

I specialise in editing academic journal articles and PhD theses across a range of humanities and social science disciplines. My own extensive experience as an academic author underpins much of my editing work, and I have a strong understanding of journal submission and style requirements, as well as being able to assess and offer advice on the overall structure of a draft paper or report. I am particularly experienced in copyediting work by authors whose first language is not English, and can also help authors to ensure that research findings are presented in ways appropriate to scholarly and more general audiences.

In addition, I have experience in and enjoy copy editing non-academic writing, including newsletters, corporate publications and material for online use.


PhD (Social Work and Social Research), Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing (Editing), Bachelor of Social Work, BA (Hons) (history major)