Editor: Helen Topor


Email: helenvtopor@gmail.com

Fast turnaround. Reasonable rates. Attention to detail. Sensitivity to organisational and reader needs and cultural issues.


Substantive editing, copy editing, proofreading, MS assessment, mentoring writers and editors
Writing, rewriting, conversion to plain English.

Subject matter experience

Academic (social sciences), financial services, fiction, non-fiction, natural history, intelligence, cultural tourism, corporate communication, management and business, adult education and training, h

Genre and platform

Theses, research reports, books, annual reports, manuals, guidelines, articles, tertiary learning materials, newsletters, web content, corporate communications, promotional materials, museum display panels, natural history posters.

Specific projects


Theses:  e.g. Drivers of inequality in SingaporeAn Assessment of Social Media Tools for Enhancing Intelligence Capability; Writing an Australian film noir; Visual Arts Education: The potential for teacher delight or despair

Recent books: Grassland in Transition by Dr Carolyn Young and Dr Sue McIntyre; From Piastres to Polymer: A history of the paper money of Mauritius from 1720-2017 by Owen Griffiths; The One Percenters by Jerrad Tyson; The Secrets of Varilien by Shannon Cole

Conference Papers: e.g. Political Life Writing in the Pacific Islands

Quarterly magazines and journals: e.g. ANU Reporter, 2 issues; International Journal of Criminal Intelligence

Research articles and reports: e.g. Factors Influencing Reproduction in Captive-Bred Cynomolgus Monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) from Mauritius’ (Am. J. Primatol.); ‘A study of nest predators in a woodland bird community in S–E Australia reveals unexpected predators and marked annual changes’ (Emu); all content for the International Journal of Criminal Intelligence; Integrated responses to homelessness; Why special services are needed to address Indigenous homelessness; Are boarding houses disappearing? Strategies for dealing with problem gambling in Indigenous communities; Melbourne Street to Home: A First Evaluation; Using National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) data in the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC)

Other books and user guides: From Piastres to Polymer: A history of the paper money of Mauritius from 1720 to 2017, O Griffiths; Shell Questacon Science Circus; NGOs and Political Change: ACFID over 50 years – A History of the Australian Council for International Development, Dr Patrick Kilby; AFP Intelligence Doctrine; O Griffiths & V Florens, Non-Marine Molluscs of the Mascareignes; G Pitot, The Mauritian ShekelJ Martiniello (comp.), 100 success stories: celebrating 34 years of student hostels, AHL; 4 volumes of the Graduate Certificate in Child Management Services; L O’Bryan, Fifty Years and Growing: a History of Horticulture Education in the ACT; Generalised Electronic Interviewing System V2; National Archives of Australia Recordkeeping System (rks) User Guide; The Little Book of Style (co-edited); Australia and Recognition of the People’s Republic of China 1949–1972 (co-proofread); co-wrote and coordinated editing of web-based Certificate IV in Systems Analysis and Design Toolbox; ‘Sudden Stops and Liability Dollarisation: Evidence from Asia’s Financial Intermediaries’

Articles: ‘A Large Catch of White-winged Black Tern in NW Australia and the Importance of Anna Plains and Eighty Mile Beach for Shorebirds and Terns’ (Chinese Birds); ‘Catastrophic Breeding Failure Caused by Heavy Rainfall in a Shearwater Colony’ (Marine Ornithology)


Books: Discovering Vermeer (non fiction), publ. 2018; Outdoor Games for Today’s Kids (non-fiction), publ. 2017

Short stories: ‘The gift’ in First-time Mum, publ. 2010; Bonnie’s Holiday, publ. 2012Rohan’s Christmas Safari , publ. 2014

Articles: e.g. on the Islamic Museum of Australia and artists Grayson Perry, George Stubbs, James Turrell, Pablo Picasso for NGA’s News and Views; ‘Short eyebrows and long moustaches: is birding better than sex?’ (Gang-gang)

Book reviews: Neil James’ Writing at Work, Michael Phelan’s Literati, Flann & Hill’s The Australian Editing Handbook, 2nd end;  Michelle Sabto’s The On-Screen Editing Handbook






BA (Hons), Dip Ed, (University of NSW); MEd (Sydney University)

Positions and memberships

Public Officer, Canberra Society of Editors (5 years); Volunteer Guide NGA