Editor: Eris Jane Harrison AE

Effective Editing

Email: erisjane@bigpond.net.au
Accredited Editor 2009


Writing and rewriting,including transposing into Plain English. Structural editing, copy-editing,proofreading, on paper and on screen
Research, analysis, committee secretariat support and writing. Produced playwright. Thesis editing and proofreading.

Subject matter experience

Public administration (family & children’s policy), child protection, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs. HR policies & manuals. Social sciences. Theatre. Ancient History. Fiction (any genr

Genre and platform

Media releases;handbooks and user manuals; reports and submissions, theses

Specific projects

Extensive experience in writing and editing in the APS, including briefs, minutes, submissions, policy papers, Government responses, handbooks, newsletters, media releases, information/fact sheets, input for Annual Reports, letters and flyers. Writing and editing plays and research reports. Writing and editing material for a Community Organisation for two years, including reports, submissions, monthly newsletter, annual magazine, conference reports, website material. Author and project manager of information booklet, Forgotten Australians: Supporting survivors of childhood institutional care in Australia, 2008


Advanced Editing, CCE, University of Sydney