Editor: Damaris Wilson

Email: Wilsondidi@aol.com

Professional attention to accuracy and detail; sensitivity to author’s style; clear language. Familiarity with botanical names, Germanic and Romance languages, military terminology (Australia and allies, Asia, South East Asia), places in general and South-East Asia and the UK in particular. Attractive layout – interest in typography. High level security clearance.


Substantive editing, copy-editing, proofreading
Word processing, design and layout advice, forms analysis

Subject matter experience

Academic, art, biography, children’s fiction, fiction, food, gardening, language, military, music, poetry, theatre and travel

Genre and platform

Brochures, government reports, journals, newsletters, manuals, radio presenter.

Specific projects

Preparation of in-house style guide; past editor of Australian Defence Force Journal, editor of biographies and short stories; museum display material.


BA(Hons) ANU, majoring in English and linguistics. Courses in design and graphics