Editor: Cinden Lester

Cinden Lester Communications

Email: cinden@clcomms.com.au
Website: http://clcomms.com.au/

Providing award-winning services to government and the private sector since 2000. Senior government, PR/marketing and journalism experience. Helping you express your messages clearly and broaden the appeal of your material without changing the meaning.


Sensitive editing, effective rewriting and meticulous proofreading
Professional writing, communication strategies, project management

Subject matter experience

Criminal intelligence, law enforcement, renewable energy, environment, social services, education and training, governance, the arts, innovation, heritage, science, regional, business and consulting

Genre and platform

Reports, corporate documents, web content, fact sheets, articles, newsletters, case studies, media materials, research papers, resource kits, brochures, blogs, submissions

Specific projects

Award-winning annual reports, flagship publications—e.g. Australian Crime Commission, CrimTrac, Clean Energy Regulator, AUSTRAC.

Strategies—e.g. ACT Government 2017 defence industry strategy and 2015 business development strategy, CrimTrac national strategy on identity resolution, numerous communication strategies.

Guides—e.g. Comcare Working for recovery guide, Australian Federal Police strategic policy and guides for international police development work, various writing style guides.

Corporate documents—e.g. strategic plans, corporate plans, governance frameworks, intranet resources on managing change and HR/people services.

Research papers—e.g. skills and capabilities for Australian enterprise innovation, Australia’s diaspora advantage, screen content in Australian education, media and migration.

Case studies, facts sheets—e.g. parent engagement and student learning case studies, NDIS case studies, ‘London bound’ (Olympics 2012) fact sheets, varied case studies and fact sheets for internal communication strategies, business capability statements.