Editor: Christina Zissis

Email: christina.zissis@googlemail.com

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Substantive editing, structural editing, copyediting, proofreading
Plain language rewrites, writing

Subject matter experience

Fiction and non-fiction, gallery and exhibition text, history (particularly military and Australian history), politics, humanities, tourism, legislation, promotional material, and government and publi

Genre and platform

Academic monographs and articles; procedural and training documentation; legislation; government and public sector documentation, circulars and newsletters

Specific projects

Senior editor for the Australian War Memorial, working on gallery and exhibition text, communications and marketing, and major book projects, including For valour, and The Last Post: stories of love and remembrance from the Australian War Memorial.

Previously, I worked for Hansard at Parliament House, transcribing and editing parliamentary proceedings. Also edited for the Office of Parliamentary Counsel, applying house style to and proofreading draft legislation, training material. Have previously done freelance editing work for Woodslane Publishing.