Editor: Anne Cullinan AE

Cullinan Communications Pty Ltd

Email: anne@cullinancommunications.com
Website: http://www.cullinancommunications.com/
Accredited Editor 2008

Cullinan Communications can provide whatever ‘Plain English’ service you may need, for whatever form of presentation suits your requirements. It’s a professional service at a competitive price with a fast turnaround


Technical and scientific editing, copy editing, structural editing, ‘Plain English’ rewriting and editing, project management, proofreading
Scientific and technical writing, website development, preparing annual reports, indexing

Subject matter experience

Science, health, medicine, engineering, environment, economics, financial services

Genre and platform

Government reports and publications, websites, annual reports, business documentation, scientific journals/articles, manuals, PR material/brochures, academic theses, tenders

Specific projects

RTA Annual Report 2010, Biodiversity Guidelines; DCC Vulnerability of Australia’s Biodiversity to Climate Change; DEWHA National Biodiversity Guidelines;DSEWPC Recovery Plans; NHMRC Dietary Guidelines; Sydney University, CBA, DoHA, and OSMR, developing and editing websites; KBR, Southern Regional Water Pipeline project Environmental Impact Statement, Cultural Heritage Management Plans etc.; ACSQHC Achieving Healthcare Rights, Healthcare Charter, Windows into Safety and Quality in Health Care 2010 and 2011, Annual Report 2010, Recognising and Responding to Clinical Deterioration, National Safety and Quality Healthcare Standards, NSQHS guides for Dentists,Hospitals and Day Surgeries.


BA (Honours), MA Natural Science (Cambridge University). Information Mapping diploma