Editor: Andrew Bell

Superscript Science Publishing

Email: andrew.bell@anu.edu.au

We transform the rough to the smooth


Scientific editing and print management
Well experienced in rephrasing text from authors whose native language is not English

Subject matter experience

All scientific fields, from physics, through the environment, to biology

Genre and platform

Technical reports, books, articles, theses, conference proceedings

Specific projects

Science writer and scientific editor for CSIRO, Australian Academy of Science, Australian National University, Australian Research Council.
Book editing for Penguin (UK), Viking (US), Cambridge University Press, Springer


BSc (physics, U of Melbourne), BA (philosophy of science, U of Melbourne), MSc (auditory science, ANU), PhD (neuroscience, ANU), member Australian Science Communicators, member Canberra Society of Editors, Certificate IV in Small Business Management.