Editor: Alan Cummine

GoodWords Consulting

Email: alan.cummine@gmail.com
Website: http://goodwordsconsulting.com.au/

Over 40 years’ experience writing, rewriting, editing, proofreading and publishing for government, non- government and private organisations, as well as being a CEO and senior executive in these bodies, and including five years coaching in literacy, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and essay and report writing for students and senior government officials.


Substantive and copy editing, proofreading, plain English editing
Writing and rewriting, especially submissions requiring coordination of multiple authors

Subject matter experience

Agriculture, forestry, environment, rural policy, natural resource management, energy conservation, any science and technical material aimed at a lay audience

Genre and platform

Research reports, annual reports and other corporate documents, conference proceedings, books, journal articles, brochures, presentations, technical manuals and handbooks, theses, resumés

Specific projects

Writing and editing for government and non-government organisations―research reports, annual reports, strategic and operating plans, manuals, handbooks, booklets, brochures, leaflets, media releases, conference papers, A-V presentations, journal articles, project grant reports, recruitment scribing, and a code of practice and accompanying documents

Submissions to government and parliamentary inquiries, requiring coordination of multiple authors’ inputs

The revised ACT Public Service Manual (1994);  Local Greening Plans in 1994-95 (144  pp) – rewriting, design and artwork guidance

Writing and editing course material for literacy and grammar courses


BScAgr (Syd U 1969), MEnvSt (ANU 1980)

Positions and memberships

President, Canberra Society of Editors 2013-15