Editing fiction with Pamela Hewitt


Meetings Room, University House, ANU
Cost: $160 (members); $260 (non-members) Includes morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea

About the course

This workshop is an introduction to fiction editing and is suitable for editors who want to branch out into fiction as well as writers interested in editing their own fiction.

The workshop analyses the characteristics of strong, original writing and looks at problems common to first drafts. Recognising the problems is only part of the task, however. Coming up with solutions is the next—and more demanding—step. You will practise these techniques on short sample texts. There is also consideration of the main aspects of narrative development such as dialogue, characterisation, voice and point of view.

Pamela Hewitt is a freelance editor, writer, trainer and proprietor of Emend Editing. Her experience spans non-fiction, corporate, government and academic editing, but her heart belongs to fiction.

Pamela is a qualified teacher who has developed and presented programs on writing and editing for universities, vocational educational colleges, writers’ centres, literary festivals and editors societies around Australia and in New Zealand. She has also developed online editing courses on Professional Editing and Editing for Writers.

Pamela became an accredited editor in 2008, one of the first cohort of Australian accredited editors. She has been an active member of societies of editors and writers’ centres in Canberra and NSW, presenting papers at national editing conferences, Style Council and writers’ festivals, including the Sydney Writers’ Festival and the ACT Word Festival.

Pamela was a member of IPEd’s National Working Group on Accreditation and co-convenor of the National Working Group on Education, Training and Mentoring.

Other professional initiatives include publishing The Fine Print, an independent online editing journal, and conducting five national surveys of editors. She recently acted as co-judge of the Barbara Ramsden Award for editing.

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