Join us for dinner


Wednesday 25 November 2010
6.00 pm for 6.30pm
Pistachio Dining
Shop 3A, Torrens Place, Torrens

Bring your spouse, partner or a friend and prepare for a fabulous time with our guest speakers, Iain MacCalman and Kate Fullagar, general editor and editorial assistant, respectively, of An Oxford Companion to the Romantic Age: British Culture, 1776–1832.

Iain and Kate will tell you about some of the dramas, challenges, hardships, possibilities and delights that accompanied the editing of a book that changed their lives in fundamental ways.

Your two courses (entrée and main, or main and dessert: your choice on the night) for $30 ($50 non-members) include bread, salads and vegetables, but not corkage should you want to bring a bottle of wine.

The restaurant has its own selection of beer and local wines.

The society will welcome you with a drink (sparkling, red or white wine) upon arrival.
Book and pay by 23 November.

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