The grass is greener on the open side


Meeting: Wednesday 27 April 2011
Emeritus Faculty, Building 3T, Fellows Lane Cottage, The Australian National University
6.30 pm, networking and nibbles from 6.00 pm
>> Find the Emeritus Faculty using Google maps

The words ‘open source’ tend to elicit several different reactions ranging from total confusion to blank stares. Technical writer Lana Brindley will demystify open source for us and explain how it relates to our everyday work.

We use a variety of writing and editing tools, some are good and some are not so good. Why not consider replacing the not so good ones with tools that are free to own, free to use, free to share, and also top quality? Come along to find out what open source actually is, what that means for editors, and why you want to be getting in on this act.

About the speaker

Lana Brindley has been writing technical documentation for about five years, but she has been an open source nutcase for much longer than that. Lana has business degrees in marketing and information systems, and if the stars align correctly she’ll shortly have her technical communicators qualifications as well. Lana lives and works at her home in Canberra, Australia with her daughter and a cat called Missy. Because you can’t be a crazy open source writer-type without a cat, can you?

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