Editor to content designer, or there and back again


5:45pm, Wednesday 25 March 2020
Ferguson Room, upstairs at the National Library of Australia, Parkes Place
Light refreshments before and after; all welcome

Have you heard of ‘content design’ or ‘agile’? This is your chance to find out what it means and how editing plays a crucial role.

DTA specialist Julian Fleetwood will give an overview of the government content design profession as it has grown from its appearance in the GOV.UK team in 2012. He will explore the content design methodology and approaches, and talk about how content professionals, including editors and content strategists, can work in agile multidisciplinary teams using the DTA’s service design and delivery process.

Julian Fleetwood is the content design and strategy practice lead in the Digital Transformation Agency’s co-Lab team. He works alongside other leads of digital disciplines to help government teams learn through working on challenging service design and delivery problems.

Julian comes from an editing background in the not-for-profit and government sectors. He joined the DTA in its original form (iDTO) in 2015. While at the agency he transitioned from a project officer to content designer to content strategist. He has worked on most of the agency’s major content projects, including the Digital Service Standard, Content Guide, Content Strategy Guide and the Australian Government Design System.

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