Directory of freelance editors

This directory lists professional editors who are members of the Canberra Society of Editors. Editors are listed in alphabetical order—once you find someone working in your subject area of interest, click on a name to go straight to the entry.

All full members of the society can ask for their names to be included in this register of freelance editors. The society can give no guarantee that a particular editor will be suitable for a particular task. You should look for an editor with the skills and experience appropriate to the work you are publishing.

It is worth reading the Guidelines on editing research theses before hiring an editor to work on a thesis (or any other work for which you are being marked).

List of editors

NameSubject areas
Jane Aylen AE Government, social policy research, apps
Beth Battrick Natural and social sciences, humanities, legislation, promotional material, and government and public sector administration.
Duncan Beard Academic, government administration, literary fiction, science fiction and fantasy, biography and autobiography, general non-fiction, music, poetry, and promotional material
Chris Belcher Government; annual reports, technology, governance, emergency response and management, business and corporate human resources.
Andrew Bell All scientific fields, from physics, through the environment, to biology
Alex Bellis Broad range including government, academic, agriculture, arts, Asia (particularly South-East Asia), education, health, history, psychology, social sciences
Edwin Briggs Information Technology, fitness, government, theatre and entertainment, annual reports
Shirley Byrne Children’s literature, medical, pharmaceutical, animal health, retail, administration, music, theatre, entertainment, marketing, academic essays
Sonja Chandler Sciences (all disciplines), social sciences, agriculture, environment and sustainability and a range of general subject areas
Angela Cole Christian content, parenting, humanities, social sciences, cross-cultural issues, education, music
Penny Cook Natural resource management, science, health, education, heritage architecture, anthropology, PhD theses, tourism and food writing.
Rebecca Crannaford Economics; English; government; history; law; management; politics; public policy; social sciences
Anne Cullinan Science, health, medicine, engineering, environment, economics, financial services
Alan Cummine Agriculture, forestry, environment, rural policy, natural resource management, energy conservation, any science and technical material aimed at a lay audience
Susan Cutsforth Adult fiction, particularly popular genres. Children’s literature, young adult fiction and children’s picture books. Memoirs and autobiography. Short stories.
James Dixon Science, human and animal health, government, international relations, history, palaeostudies
Aine Dowling Business, non-profit sector
David Evans-Smith Government, business, taxation, rural, science and environment, staff/internal
Jo Gaha Academic, government, community sector, social sciences, social work, humanities, administration and public policy, gender, rural, multicultural, Australian Indigenous
Gil Garcon Technical subjects: law, life sciences (environment, agriculture, fisheries, nutrition), program evaluation, defence, shipping, navigation. Pacific affairs; non-fiction
Dave Gardiner Science, academic theses, natural resource management, climate change, aviation, legal, family history, biography, corporate reports, general non-fiction books
Frank Geurts Academic, government, public policy, international affairs, politics, social sciences, Indigenous and cross cultural issues, health, community development, and employment (job applications and CVs)
Angela Grant anthropology, Asian studies, business, communication, criminology, environment, finance, government, health, law, social justice
Eris Jane Harrison Public administration, especially family and children’s policy, child protection and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs. Human resources policies and manuals. Social sciences. Theatre and entertainment. Ancient History. Fiction (any genre) and scripts (stage). Some basic French.
Belinda Henwood Trade non-fiction (including history, cooking, health, biography), academic articles, journals, books and theses (social sciences and humanities), websites (environment, education, arts), government (quality management, environment)
Pamela Hewitt Literary fiction, academic and educational, language studies and linguistics, humanities, women’s affairs, multicultural affairs
Karen Jayne Mathematics, science, history, education, general non-fiction, environment, agriculture, travel, horticulture, biography, business, building and construction, design, and outdoor recreation
David Keating Broad range, including academic, government and legal, humanities and social sciences, health, education, science, medical, psychology
Keren Lavelle Arts, biography, building, business, careers, cooking, environment, food, film, gardening, health, law, literature, politics, SE Asia, small business, new technology and travel
Merran Laver Health / medicine, science, food / nutrition, general
Cinden Lester Government and private sector – e-government, record keeping, governance, business and consulting, IT and communications, law enforcement and policing, recruitment, cultural and arts, innovation, spatial information, health and medical, maritime security, environment and heritage, science, regional
Tas Luttrell International trade, transport, science and technology, energy, economics, government, fiction and general non-fiction
Cate Lyons State and federal government, higher education, UNDP and UNICEF, engineering, renewable energies, water management, travel, aid, infrastructure, health, online socialising and cybersafety information, workplace health and wellbeing, risk management.
Marion Mapham Education, business, non-profit sector
Claudia Marchesi Management and business, education, social sciences, government, humanities
Sari Mattila Humanities, social issues, child and youth issues, environment, health, education, change communication, brand implementation, government, annual reports, briefings
Maryanne McKay Social sciences, political science, women, Indigenous Australia, regional development, international development, environment, health, creative arts.
Alexa McLaughlin Actuarial science, administrative law, biography, community sector, economics, education (primary, secondary, adult), finance, folk music, health and medicine (alternative and mainstream), human resource management, personal computing, personal development, philosophy, politics, social justice, stat
Jeneen McLeod Government, tax, health, Medicare, pharmacy, aged care, childcare, community services, rural/regional programs, heritage sites
Jill Miller Ageing, art, East Asia (China and Japan), ESL, fiction, pets, social policy, women’s health
Jane Morrison Aboriginal Affairs, environment, environmental law, health, government publications, heritage, international aid, non-fiction, Teaching of English as a Second Language (TESOL), Veterans’ Affairs
Elizabeth Manning Murphy Academic, humanities, educational (tertiary), linguistics, English grammar, psychology, business, public information
Ara Nalbandian Arts (decorative, fine and liberal); humanities (including health, history, languages and linguistics); defence; education, especially ESL; environment; policy and public administration; hospitality, tourism and travel; multicultural affairs; law; library and information services; occupational healt
Kerie Newell Multicultural affairs, occupational health and safety, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs, communications and communications law, international and local news, employment, education, workplace relations
Cathy Nicoll Environment, resource management, primary industries, science, planning, education, community, immigration, health and welfare.
Louise Oliver Social sciences, humanities, health, legal, political, transport
Bernadette O’Leary Environment and conservation, natural resource management, government and public sector administration
Carolyn Page Public policy and administration; Education, employment and workplace relations; Health; Agriculture and natural resource management; Australian history.
Leanne Pattison Selection criteria responses; education, business and public service communication; academic and creative writing; English for people of non-English speaking backgrounds.
Margie Peters-Fawcett Agribusiness, Finance, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Education, Food Security, Gender, Health, Impact Evaluation, Environment & Social development, and Private Sector development
Maree Petersen Public sector, tendering, defence, health, intelligence, policing, finance, engineering and procurement.
Chris Pirie Public policy and administration, including environment, climate change, rural industries, community health, drug policy, criminology, administrative law, superannuation
Katie Poidomani Humanities, fiction, children’s literature, business, communications and marketing, specialising in proofreading
Claire Reaburn Humanities, social sciences, art history, educational publishing, academic theses, government, law, fiction
Sheridan Roberts Analytical, statistical and financial content and documents; including both text and data editing
José Robertson Art, communication, culture, education, eGovernment, environment, health, heritage, history, immigration, indigenous issues, web strategy
Kris Rodgers Aboriginal & multicultural affairs, academic,, Asia/Pacific, education (tertiary), environment, govt info., health & welfare, humanities, legal info., loss & grief, social sciences
Tristan Viscarra Rossel Food, agriculture, natural resources, energy, science and technical information
Janet Salisbury Science and science policy: mainly biomedical, health, agriculture and environment; government, academic, NGOs
Lee-Ling Sim Government, tax, agricultural, scientific and other technical subject areas
Connie Stamos Public administration and policy; human rights; multicultural affairs; occupational health and safety; science and technology; international affairs; education; TESOL (Teaching English as a second language); linguistics; academic writing; art, poetry and music; translations (Greek/English)
Julie Stokes Arts, Asia/Pacific, bibliography, biography, cooking, drugs, gardening, history, humanities, law, librarianship, politics and government, social sciences, tourism, town planning.
Carol Taylor Geography and earth sciences; government; education
Helen Topor Academic (social sciences), financial services, cultural tourism, corporate communication, management and business, security environment, adult education and training, humanities, natural history, child studies, social issues, horticulture.
An Van den Borre Science and technical subjects: botany, zoology, ecology, environment, agriculture, forestry, horticulture, bioinformatics, biotechnology, molecular biology, information technology, process analysis, health and medical sciences.
Kathryn Vukovljak News, health, nutrition, parenting, women’s interest, fashion, beauty, homes, gardens, renovations, building, travel, puzzles, general
Mary Webb Biological sciences (including agricultural and environmental), general science, health, education, general (non-fiction)
Mike Wilkins Government and public administration, defence and strategic studies, national security, public information, history, archaeology, education, linguistics, TESOL (Teaching English as a Second language)
Damaris Wilson Academic, art, biography, children’s fiction, fiction, food, gardening, language, military, music, poetry, theatre and travel
Virginia Wilton Government and public administration, climate change, economics, energy, health, education, defence