Directory of freelance editors

Editor: Thien Nguyen


Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry, Linguistics, Creative writing) – University of Queensland
Master of Pharmacy – University of Canberra
Bachelor of Film and Television – Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne


  • Editing—Structural/substantive editing, content editing, copy editing, proofreading, formatting, rephrasing
  • Other services—Research and development: fictional and creative works, scientific papers, government and policy development
  • Subject fields—Government, science, health, Indigenous Australia, travels, creative arts, research and development
  • Media—Government reports, technical reports, academic papers and theses, books and novels, annual reports, screenplays, theatre plays, short stories, resumes and cover letters, magazine and newspaper articles, reviews and opinions, academic essays, social media

Specific projects

I have edited and worked on various academic theses in the fields of engineering, psychology and pharmacy
Various resumes and cover letters
National Environment Protection Council annual reports
Environment Protection Heritage Council annual reports
National Pollutant Inventory Annual reports
Briefs and reports for the Department of Environment
PowerPoint presentations
Book and film reviews for Fuse magazine publications
Short stories
Screenplays for feature films and short films
Theatre plays