Directory of freelance editors

Editor: Shirley Byrne

Shirley Byrne Consulting


  • Editing—Proofreading, substantive editing, copy-editing – hard copy and online
  • Other services—Writing and rewriting in plain English on many subjects within a variety of documents for a wide selection of readership levels – fiction and non-fiction
  • Subject fields—Children’s literature, medical, pharmaceutical, animal health, retail, administration, music, theatre, entertainment, marketing, academic essays
  • Media—IT user manuals, training manuals, newsletters, advertising copy

Specific projects

Update and rewrite of Defence Writing Manual and preparation of draft of ‘pocket’ version for Department of Defence, Canberra.

Proofread and edit of tenders for supply of information technology to private and government sectors for SPL (Australia) Pty Ltd.

Copy-edit of Defence Strategic Basis Documents 1946-1976: A History of Australian Strategic Policy since 1945, including proofreading and substantive editing of introductory essay and summaries of fifteen strategic basic papers, for publication by Strategic Policy Division, Department of Defence, Canberra.

I have more than 40 years’ experience of editing and proofreading in-house and as a freelance editor. Prompt, friendly service and attention to detail assured.