Directory of freelance editors

Editor: Rebecca Crannaford AE

Accredited Editor 2008

BA, ANU, 1994; Assoc Dip in Court and Parliamentary Reporting, University of Canberra, 1989


  • Editing—Abstracting; copy editing; online editing; planning and scheduling; preparing bibliography and glossary; proofreading; structural editing
  • Other services—Design; desktop publishing; indexing; Plain English rewriting; researching
  • Subject fields—Economics; English; government; history; law; management; politics; public policy; social sciences
  • Media—Academic publications; annual reports; community sector publications; conference proceedings; correspondence; educational books; government and public sector publications; manuals/documentation; newsletters; policy documents; PR material; training materials; transcripts

Specific projects

Experienced in working by remote (phone, fax, email or FTP). I have been a professional editor since 1988. My career began at Commonwealth Hansard, where I edited the transcripts of parliament and its committees, as well as departmental documents. For the past ten years I’ve been freelance editing, assisting academic publishers, commercial editing services, peak community organisations and individual clients with their diverse and challenging projects.

I specialise in corporate, government or community sector documents that reach a very wide audience, such as annual reports, strategic plans or discussion papers. I also enjoy editing materials for specialist readers, such as training guides, procedure manuals or research findings.

My skills include researching, coordinating, formatting and indexing publications, as well as writing, editing, checking and proofing copy