Editor: Matthew Sidebotham AE


Email: editor@workwisewords.com.au
Website: http://www.workwisewords.com.au/
Accredited Editor 2016

20 years in Commonwealth and State/Territory public sectors editing and managing writing projects including annual reports, interagency publications, periodicals and style guides. 10 years in the tertiary education sector as a researcher, book reviewer and academic staff member. Fast, professional, confidential editing and support for researchers, writers, government departments and businesses.


academic editing, copy editing, substantive/structural editing, proofreading
plain English and accessibility specialist, ESL editing, technical writing, grant + tender writing, web content management (Wordpress), indexing, transcription, corporate training

Subject matter experience

public policy and administration, international relations and diplomacy, defence and national security, science and technology, social sciences, history and humanities, business and marketing, general

Genre and platform

print, web and ebooks, academic theses and monographs, journal articles, conference proceedings, research and technical reports, annual reports, government reviews and submissions, policy documents and circulars, manuals and fact sheets, style guides

Specific projects

Public Sector

  • Local Industry Participation Plan, ACT Government (July 2016)
  • Review of Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010: Final Report, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (March 2016).
  • WHS Active Certification Policy, ACT Capital Works & Procurement (February 2016).
  • Review of Illegal Offshore Wagering: Final Report, Department of Social Services (December 2015).

Journal Articles

  • Competition, health care and the law: Legal impediments to implementation of value-based health care in Australia (in progress).
  • The Patient’s Voice: Australian healthcare quality and safety regulation from the perspective of the public (in progress).
  • Reading the High Court at a distance: The legal subject matter and judicial activity of the High Court of Australia 1903-2015, (accepted for publication), UNSW Law Journal.
  • Climate change as a ‘hyperobject’: a critical review of Timothy Morton’s reframing narrative, Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change (Vol 7 Issue 5, September/October 2016).

Academic Editing

  • Correcting the Record: reconstructing the history of criminal legal engagement with iatrogenic harm, PhD thesis (in progress), Faculty of Law, UTS.
  • Small state diplomacy: Cambodia and its larger neighbours, PhD thesis (in progress), School of Humanities + Social Sciences, UNSW/Australian Defence Force Academy.
  • Dirty Talk – a critical discourse analysis of offensive language crimes, PhD thesis (in progress), Faculty of Law, UTS.
  • ‘Terra Australis’ – An analysis of the imagery in the unknown Southern Continent on Renaissance world maps 1520s-1620s, PhD thesis (in progress), School of Politics + International Relations, ANU.
  • The Emergence Continuum: An analysis of governance arrangements and local decision-making in UK 1997-2014, PhD thesis (in progress), Crawford School of Public Diplomacy, ANU.
  • Spatial Reallocation of Aggregated Data for Land Use Mapping, PhD thesis (March 2016), School of Finance and Applied Statistics, ANU.
  • Three Bayesian Essays on Stochastic Claims Reserving in General Insurance, PhD thesis (February 2016), School of Accounting and Actuarial Studies, ANU.
  • A Harmonised Taxonomy for Risk in the Security Disciplines, PhD thesis (November 2015), School of Engineering & Information Sciences, UNSW.



BA Hon (Logic/Philosophy, LaTrobe 1989), MA (Philosophy, Monash 1993), Cert III Public Administration