Directory of freelance editors

Editor: Helen Topor


BA (Hons), Dip Ed, (University of NSW); MEd (Sydney University)


  • Editing—Substantive editing, copy editing, proofreading, MS assessment, mentoring writers and editors
  • Other services—Writing, rewriting, conversion to plain English.
  • Subject fields—Academic (social sciences), financial services, fiction, non-fiction, natural history, intelligence, cultural tourism, corporate communication, management and business, adult education and training, humanities, natural history
  • Media—Theses, research reports, books, annual reports, manuals, guidelines, articles, tertiary learning materials, newsletters, web content, corporate communications, promotional materials, museum display panels, natural history posters.

Specific projects


Theses:  e.g. Drivers of inequality in SingaporeAn Assessment of Social Media Tools for Enhancing Intelligence Capability; Writing an Australian film noir; Visual Arts Education: The potential for teacher delight or despair

Recent books: Grassland in Transition by Dr Carolyn Young and Dr Sue McIntyre; From Piastres to Polymer: A history of the paper money of Mauritius from 1720-2017 by Owen Griffiths; The One Percenters by Jerrad Tyson; The Secrets of Varilien by Shannon Cole

Conference Papers: e.g. Political Life Writing in the Pacific Islands

Quarterly magazines and journals: e.g. ANU Reporter, 2 issues; International Journal of Criminal Intelligence

Research articles and reports: e.g. Factors Influencing Reproduction in Captive-Bred Cynomolgus Monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) from Mauritius’ (Am. J. Primatol.); ‘A study of nest predators in a woodland bird community in S–E Australia reveals unexpected predators and marked annual changes’ (Emu); all content for the International Journal of Criminal Intelligence; Integrated responses to homelessness; Why special services are needed to address Indigenous homelessness; Are boarding houses disappearing? Strategies for dealing with problem gambling in Indigenous communities; Melbourne Street to Home: A First Evaluation; Using National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) data in the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC)

Other books and user guides: From Piastres to Polymer: A history of the paper money of Mauritius from 1720 to 2017, O Griffiths; Shell Questacon Science Circus; NGOs and Political Change: ACFID over 50 years – A History of the Australian Council for International Development, Dr Patrick Kilby; AFP Intelligence Doctrine; O Griffiths & V Florens, Non-Marine Molluscs of the Mascareignes; G Pitot, The Mauritian ShekelJ Martiniello (comp.), 100 success stories: celebrating 34 years of student hostels, AHL; 4 volumes of the Graduate Certificate in Child Management Services; L O’Bryan, Fifty Years and Growing: a History of Horticulture Education in the ACT; Generalised Electronic Interviewing System V2; National Archives of Australia Recordkeeping System (rks) User Guide; The Little Book of Style (co-edited); Australia and Recognition of the People’s Republic of China 1949–1972 (co-proofread); co-wrote and coordinated editing of web-based Certificate IV in Systems Analysis and Design Toolbox; ‘Sudden Stops and Liability Dollarisation: Evidence from Asia’s Financial Intermediaries’

Articles: ‘A Large Catch of White-winged Black Tern in NW Australia and the Importance of Anna Plains and Eighty Mile Beach for Shorebirds and Terns’ (Chinese Birds); ‘Catastrophic Breeding Failure Caused by Heavy Rainfall in a Shearwater Colony’ (Marine Ornithology)


Books: Discovering Vermeer (non fiction), publ. 2018; Outdoor Games for Today’s Kids (non-fiction), publ. 2017

Short stories: ‘The gift’ in First-time Mum, publ. 2010; Bonnie’s Holiday, publ. 2012Rohan’s Christmas Safari , publ. 2014

Articles: e.g. on the Islamic Museum of Australia and artists Grayson Perry, George Stubbs, James Turrell, Pablo Picasso for NGA’s News and Views; ‘Short eyebrows and long moustaches: is birding better than sex?’ (Gang-gang)

Book reviews: Neil James’ Writing at Work, Michael Phelan’s Literati, Flann & Hill’s The Australian Editing Handbook, 2nd end;  Michelle Sabto’s The On-Screen Editing Handbook





Public Officer, Canberra Society of Editors (5 years); Volunteer Guide NGA

Fast turnaround. Reasonable rates. Attention to detail. Sensitivity to organisational and reader needs and cultural issues.