Directory of freelance editors

Editor: Damaris Wilson


BA(Hons) ANU, majoring in English and linguistics. Courses in design and graphics


  • Editing—Substantive editing, copy-editing, proofreading
  • Other services—Word processing, design and layout advice, forms analysis
  • Subject fields—Academic, art, biography, children’s fiction, fiction, food, gardening, language, military, music, poetry, theatre and travel
  • Media—Brochures, government reports, journals, newsletters, manuals, radio presenter.

Specific projects

Preparation of in-house style guide; past editor of Australian Defence Force Journal, editor of biographies and short stories; museum display material.

Professional attention to accuracy and detail; sensitivity to author’s style; clear language. Familiarity with botanical names, Germanic and Romance languages, military terminology (Australia and allies, Asia, South East Asia), places in general and South-East Asia and the UK in particular. Attractive layout – interest in typography. High level security clearance.