Directory of freelance editors

Editor: Carolyn Page AE

The Clear English Company
Accredited Editor 2009

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) (ANU); Diploma of Education (La Trobe); Master of Management (National Graduate School of Management, ANU)


  • Editing—Clear-English rewriting of government, business and technical reports; structural editing, copy editing and proof reading; style guides and staff training; editing software.
  • Other services—facilitation and chairing; consulting (public policy, organisational change and communication strategies); freelance and commissioned research and writing; book indexing.
  • Subject fields—Public policy and administration; Education, employment and workplace relations; Health; Agriculture and natural resource management; Australian history.
  • Media—government reports, handbooks and guidelines; speeches and press releases; brochures and fact sheets; research and technical reports; business communication.

Specific projects

A wide variety of ACT and Commonwealth government reports, guidelines and staff handbooks; indexes for annual reports and for government and academic history publications; freelance and commissioned writing for publication; in-house and client communication strategies and style guides.

We work with government agencies, businesses, lobby groups and not-for-profit organisations to improve strategic thinking and communication.