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The real world of self-publishing
Wednesday 25 May 2016

Dr Pippa Carron will give us a glimpse into the world of self-publishing on the various publishing platforms, the differing formatting demands of digital and print-on-demand, enabling software systems and more.

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The Canberra editor March-April 2016

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Grammar in a nutshell
28 May 2016

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Prepare for accreditation

IPEd exam is coming - prepare now

Sharpen your grammar skills with the grammar workshop on Saturday 28 May.

Other news

Why we voted NO

It’s the question they’re all asking: why did Canberra’s editors vote so overwhelmingly against the IPEd transition plan?

They are all issues around governance and best practice—giving members more of a say in how their branches and IPEd more broadly is run, keeping branch committees and IPEd Councillors accountable to members, and clarifying issues around finances and workloads. The vote wasn’t a vote against IPEd, but against the constitution, by-laws and transition plan on offer.

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The VOTE: the results (almost)

The result of the VOTE at the October general meeting has been declared and all CSE members should know the results.

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