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Accreditation: is it right for you right now?

Wednesday 29 July 2020, 6:30pm, Zoom webinar (for details, see below). With apologies from the CSE committee, we have been forced to cancel the in-person element of this event. The webinar will still be going ahead with Malini’s excellent presentation, and we will make the Q&A element as interactive and ‘live’ as possible. We are […]

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ACTive Voice: the Canberra editors’ newsletter July 2020

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Accreditation exam workshop series

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Other news

Date for the postponed accreditation exam announced

IPEd has now announced that the new date for the 2020 accreditation exam is to be Saturday 5 December 2020. Visit this page on the IPEd website for further details. Also you can learn more about accreditation and what’s involved in preparing for it at our general meeting on 29 July.

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New date for the postponed accreditation exam to be announced soon

Linda Nix, Chair of the IPEd Accreditation Board, has informed IPEd members and CSE that the accreditation exam is very close to being rescheduled. She writes: As travel and gathering restrictions have started to ease across Australia and New Zealand, we have started the process of rescheduling the accreditation exam to take place in October […]

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